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About Sanjay Sharma Aaahsaass

Gurusshri Sanjay Sharma is an ace Astrologer. Having more than 2 lakh clients he has been in the field of Astrology for over two decades. Apart from being a distinguished Astrologer he is an excellent Palmist and a Numerologist. He has attained Jyotish Praveena and Jyotish Visharadh degrees from ICAS (Chennai) and has attended numerous seminars and workshops all over India. An expert at Vastu-shastra he regularly takes up Vastu projects.Tantra is however his forte. Infact to call him a Yantra, Mantra and Tantra Vaigyanik would not be an understatement.

Gurusshri’s ‘gyan’ about Tantra and Tantric concepts is rare and unusual. We live in an age which is full of doubt and disease. The minute someone hints at Tantra we assume it is Black Magic and therefore evil but such is not always the case. Gurusshri Sanjay has been regularly using what is known as ‘white tantra’ for the benefit of people. For him the good of the person who approaches him is of utmost importance. He always says, “if need be I can lay down my life if it solves someone’s problem”. Such is his greatness that many people’s health problems just vanish if they sit near him or if he happens to touch them by way of blessing.

Gurusshri is a Brahmin of the Bhardwaj Gotra.He has adorned the sacred thread known as the ‘janeu’.He is a pure vegetarian and has never consumed liquor. In his speech, mannerisms and conduct one can see exceptional purity of soul and a genuine desire to help people.

Gurusshri Sanjay Sharma has attained many Vidyas and done various Sadhanas he is an authority on all Hindu rituals. He being an adept at Bhairavi Tantra,Chhinamasta Tantra,Jain Tantra,Muslim Tantra and various other occult kriyas regularly invokes the presence of ‘helpful an friendly ‘deities for the good of the people. He has practised the Shamshan Sadhana, Shaav Sadhana and many such occult practises unknown to the common man.

He never scares people or gives disturbing predictions. A person consulting him will find such peace of mind and access to such accurate and genuine predictions that the he will be totally at ease. He does Face Reading, Thumb Reading, Signature Analysis and Lakshan Shastra besides practising Astrology. He is among the very few people in India who also use Runes (also known as Kaudiyaan or colored stones) to answer any Yes-No type of questions.Gurusshri has access to Ardhnareshwar Kriya and this too gives him a well rounded and complete personality. One cannot detect any traces of pride in his persona. It is a pride to meet such a modern day saint.