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A unique healing program takes place every Saturday at Shiv Mandir Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi. Guruji Sanjay Sharma Aaahsaass, offers treatment for all kinds of knee and back pain, skin disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and countless other ailments. it’s an on-hands healing process in which Guruji combines the power of mantras and herbal potions alongwith Sai Baba’s grace, to create miracles in the healing world. Thousands of people have been cured and the list of ‘healed people’ is growing with every passing Saturday

Revolutionary new medicine for the heart ‘HEART HEAL’ To open blocked arteries Revitaiize the heart & allow smooth functioning of the valves.’Heart Heal’ is an amrit to mend tired and weak hearts . An effective, tested medicine developed after painstaking research by Guruji Sanjay Sharma Aaahsaass, this wonder medicine can be taken by all people who suffer from any heart problems.

RESULTS GUARANTEED: Contact Aaahsaass team (alongwith reports) for more details
Effective & Permanent cure available for Diabetes and blood pressure.

Aaahsaass Arogya’s wonder power FIT is extremely effective & laboratory tests have proven that its consumption cures Thyroid completely.


Gurusshri Sanjay Sharma is very focused on healing people at all levels. He himself boasts of an excellent physique and has been quite a health enthusiast as well as a keen wrestler in his youth. It is his firm belief that from a healthy body only can a sound mind and a sound spirit arise. Keeping this view in mind he took upon the mission of Aaahsaass Arogya.

Since Gurusshri knows all about herbs and their qualities he makes medicinal pastes, powders and lotions which relieve multifarious ailments. He offers free treatment of knee problems, spine related ills, skin treatments and any other problem for which people seek his aid. What is noteworthy is that people when they sit before him automatically find a relief from their aches and pains. Aaahsaass Arogya comprises of a team of voluntary Sai Seva Samiti workers who work under the guidance of Gurusshri assisting him in all the projects he wishes to undertake.

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