Sanjay Sharma Aaahsaass at Nakshatra was a very successful nine days event....a very satisfying experience.

Do you experience conflict, anxiety or disconnectedness? Are you lonely, struggling against your life situation, feeling abandoned by the universe? Aaahsaass sukoon provides relief. Aaahsaass Sukoon truly is very much about self care, inner retreat and nurturing. When you are caught up in fear, anxiety, or a phobia, try these gentle meditative kriyas, a new rush of energy will surge in your system.

Gurusshri is a phenomenon... once you bump, collide, intertwine, engage with Him... you are hooked for life. He is also The most reluctant master in the whole world He is just not interested in letting people know about his remarkable Godliness. Like a true sage... he lets his presence do the entire talking.

In the words of Gurusshri......."On ‘Gurupurnima’ July 12 2014…An amazing miracle unfolded before my eyes. Before starting the ‘Palki Mahotsav’ when I performed a puja in order to call upon Baba to be present in our midst, a bright white light dazzled before me I experienced a jolt of high energy….dazzled and as though in a trance I saw that light transform into this form of Sai as can be seen, clearly in this picture. It appeared as though Baba was sitting on the ‘shila’ and was blessing us all. Hundreds of people present there are witness to this ‘lila’ of SAI. The wooden Palki which can normally be lifted easily by four people, that day seemed so heavy that, fourteen people were also having difficulty in carrying it. Our small minds cannot understand these events. I pray to Baba to be with us all at all times.SAI BABA please continue to bless us all at all times.Om Sai Ram".

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